White Grey Hand Sanitizer (12oz)

White Grey Hand Sanitizer (12oz)

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White Grey Hand Sanitizer (12oz)

Works with hand sanitizer gels (coming soon).

Height: 11.125"; Tube alone: 9.45"

Diameter: 2.5" Depth from wall: 3.125"

Volume: 12 ounces; Volume Dispensed: 2 ccs

Tube: Powder-coated matte white aluminum

Lever: Chrome-Plated Aluminum

Bracket and Hinged Lid: Stainless steel, includes a tamper-proof lock.

Windows: Located on either side of the cylinder to signal when to refill

Configuration: Stand-alone single units for flexible configuration.

Installation: Bracket can be screwed into the wall (recommended) or attached with double-sided tape and adhesive caulk.

Unit Includes: Keys, 3M double-sided tape and template

Click Here to Print PDF Instructions