About Us

Founded by sustainability consultant Tara Dodson, Eco Collections Marketplace offers eco-friendly amenities to the luxury travel sector; boutique hotels, eco-resorts, spas, homestays, B&Bs, and other businesses. The tourism industry has seen an increase in travelers seeking experiences that integrate responsible travel initiatives. Our response is Eco Collections Marketplace, a comprehensive online marketplace where members of the luxury travel sector can purchase alternative amenities. Our products meet eco-friendly criteria set forth by the experts at the Eco Collections Marketplace – presenting our clients with a low-waste alternative to replace the traditional and high-waste amenities used in the hospitality sector. By partnering with eco-conscious businesses, our goal is to inspire a more sustainable future for the travel industry. Each product must qualify under one of the following rankings. Fair Trade Certified™, made from recycled materials, eco-friendly packaging, Rainforest Alliance Certified™, Certified B Corporation, natural, organic, plant-based, commercial composting, backyard composting, reusable, recyclable, ethical, and Forest Stewardship Council Certified®. From bathroom essentials and gift shop items to dining services and guest experience, our marketplace is the first. By offering eco-friendly luxury amenities, your brand will increase loyalty (repeat guests), raise brand awareness (social media), and increase trust amongst visitors. Eco Collections Marketplace will cultivate a sustainable business style by catering to the next generation traveler. Get in touch today to learn more!


To empower businesses to make responsible choices through sustainable products and services.


To help eliminate all unnecessary plastic items from the travel industry.


  • We believe that what’s right for the environment is right for a company’s bottom line.
  • We place great importance on operating a carbon-neutral company.
  • We set the utmost importance on protecting the environment when developing and producing our products.